California-7 copyPhoto: Quentin Long

It’s time to stretch my legs and get on the road south.

I’ve been wanting to do this drive for a while, but didn’t know the form it would take until recently.

The current plan…Whistler, British Columbia to Todos Santos, Mexico.

For me, it’s a prime opportunity to shoot some of my best work, while meeting awesome people.

The West Coast trip will bring together two of my favourite photo genres, travel and sports.

It’s also a chance to spend some quality time with my Family in Oceanside.

The attitude I’m adopting is of a hobo photographer.

It’s a mindset of money saved is money earned, and that adventure is the real capital at stake.

I’m openly looking for opportunities to trade photos for shelter, power, food, Internet, beers, and good old cash dollar.


Have a project? an idea ? or just wanna get some shots in?

Contact me via the form below!!




The trip so far…




See you soon!