I can see myself producing more video based content in the future so these ski photography season slideshows are a good opportunity to learn some basic video editing. Think this one over does it on the transitions, looking back now. By 2018/19, I was taking photography seriously as a career but had pivoted my commercial work to the new cannabis industry, which is very exciting. Ultimately, that work provided me the time and resources to shoot even more skiing, although I’m aware I have to be diligent to keep the balance. Everyone I work with in the winter has their way of making the time to spend in the mountains. People sacrifice a lot, I think. That’s why I’m very grateful for everyone who comes out to get in front of the camera, not only have you made the time to be in the mountains, you’ve made time for me and I really appreciate it. Peace!


Music by the awesome Merkules and his track, “Rockstar Remix”